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Workshop on “Measurement of EMF Emission in Mobile Access Network”

09/12/2022 To 09/12/2022

Last date of Registration -09/12/2022

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Name of Course Workshop on “Measurement of EMF Emission in Mobile Access Network”
From (Date) 09/12/2022
To (Date) 09/12/2022
Learning Objectives

India as Nation has transformed herself into a Digital Nation. Digital Revolution has reached all corners of the country. Mobile does not remain as luxury rather has now become a necessity. Mobile and Mobile Network are new age drivers of economy. This has created new expectation from Telecom Sector which can only be met with smooth and continuous expansion of Mobile Access network across the nation. To achieve the same, the issue of EMF Emission in Mobile Access Network needs continuous contemplation. Hence this workshop. All great minds of the country are invited to speak on the issue. NTIPRIT believes that this workshop will equip all stakeholders to with relevant knowledge and confidence on the matter.

Course Contents

1. EMF Radiation Issues: Historical Perspective

2. EMF exposure compliance assessment in IMT networks-  including 5G specific considerations

3.Effective Utilization of NARDA SRM 3006 Tool for EMF Exposure Measurement including equipment 5G Technology

4.EMF Portals: Utilization and Effectiveness

5.Methodology applied, issues and challenges faced by LSA for EMF measurement

6.EMF related issues: Industry Perspective

Target Population

Participants  from DoT Field Units/LSA/DGT HQ/TEC/DoT HQ/BSNL/MTNL/Industry/TSP/ISP etc


Online Workshop on Microsoft Teams Platform

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